Winter hiking in the Dolomites

Molveno, at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, is the ideal place for winter hiking. Around this village you will find a large network of walking trails in the woods and through snow fields. During a winter hike in this area you will always be able to enjoy views of mountain tops. Far away from the skiing crowd by the way, but close to facilities that provide calm, relaxation and pleasure. 

Depending on the amount of snowfall, there are some trails you may enter on your own walking shoes. It is however way more comfortable and advisable to walk on special snow shoes. These shoes you simply click on your own walking shoes to provide more grip and comfort whilst walking on snow and ice. 

Snow shoes & most beautiful trails

Walking is an accessible form of entertainment in the snow. The possibilities are endless and winter hiking in the Brenta Dolomites is accessible for anyone.

The many trails around Molveno are very suitable for winter hikes. The trails on the Pradel-plateau for example are to be advised if you’d like to take the whole family for walks: they aren’t very steep and there are sufficient spots to relax.

While winter hiking on the plateau you can enjoy the magnificent view of the snow-covered Brenta Dolomites.


The mountain range of Paganella is also very suitable for winter hikes. The cable car in Andalo will take you up to the mountain tops in no time, 1800 metres above sea level. From here you can choose between the many trails, foremost flat and mostly covered by fresh snow. The hustle and bustle on the ski tracks are easily ignored so that you will be able to enjoy nature’s calm to your heart’s content. While winter hiking here, you will see that these paths not only offer a view of the Brenta Dolomites, but also of Lake Molveno.

This region allows you to go and hike on your own but excursions with experienced Alp guides are bookable too. This way you will learn a lot about the surroundings and about walking techniques.

On the Molveno website you’ll find different routes and information about the length and altitude. Ofcourse at Hotel Lory we also love advising you about the most beautiful trails, considering your wishes and the difficulty level.

winter hiking dolomites
Accommodation in the snow

Are you planning a winter holiday in Nothern Italy? You are more than welcome at Hotel Lory, located directly at the lake of Molveno. Venture off early in the morning to enjoy the beautiful activity of winter hiking in the Dolomites. On your return you may enjoy our sauna, bar, restaurant and other facilities.