Paragliding in the Dolomites

Is flying one of your dreams?

Paragliding in the Brenta Dolomites is a unique and real “bucket list” experience! Experience a 30-minute tandem flight with a professional guide and glide over Molveno. From the air you will experience the beautiful surroundings with the jagged Dolomites and the breathtaking Lake Molveno in a unique way!


Paragliding, also referred to as parapenting, is sometimes being confused with skydiving. It is however not the same. On a skydive, your parachute will slow down and control your free fall.
Paragliding however, is all about staying in the air for as long as possible. You get to feel what it is like to fly! The duration of a flight is mainly determined by the presence or absence of thermals (rising air) and can therefore vary. Either way, paragliding in the Dolomites is truly an unforgettable experience!

Tandem flight

Paragliding is great fun for people of all ages. You do not need to have experience to attempt a tandem flight. After a short briefing by your professional instructor, you are ready to enjoy this exhilarating activity. While you hang comfortably in your seat belt, the pilot will elegantly fly you over the area.

Photos and videos are taken during your flight, which you receive immediately afterwards. This is a very nice and lasting memory of this unique experience! Paragliding in the Dolomites is possible with tour operator I Fly Tandem. With twenty years of experience, they are the local specialists. When staying at Hotel Lory and you are interested in a tandem flight, we will be happy to arrange this for you.

Hotel Lory in Molveno

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